WHUMC Marketing / Media Request Form
This same form can be completed in print from our church office, but online is preferred.

Media Ministry Publication and Announcement Guidelines:
The number one goal of the Media Ministry is to glorify God through media presentations, events, recordings, and communication. The Media Ministry functions to assist the church in communicating information about the various ministries to our community, and within the church. In order to do this effectively, the following guidelines have been established to better serve the ministries of the church.

•Screen Announcements for Sunday Morning Worship:
(Form submitted at least 3 weeks prior to event)
The number one purpose for Sunday morning is for the church to come together to worship God and respond to His revelation. Screen announcements will be shown prior to the service for events that affect:

A. The entire church (Fall Festival, guest speakers, mission trips, etc.)
B. Half the church (new women’s Bible study, men’s Bible study, etc.)

All other events will be handled on the church website or within ministry groups, such as individual Sunday School Class gatherings or meetings. Please still fill out this Media Form for these events to keep our staff informed and to ensure they are listed properly in all sources.

•Church Website and Other Online Announcements:
(This form submitted at least 3 weeks prior to event)
All church related events and announcements will be posted on the church web page: westernhillsumc.org. This includes events for small and large groups (special Sunday School Class events, small group announcements, Senior Adult Ministry events, Youth events, EVERYTHING.)

•Bulletin Publications:
(This form submitted no later than the Monday prior to publication date)
All bulletin announcements will run for no more than 2 weeks. The announcement must affect all or half the church.

•Promotional Materials:
If you would like our media personnel to work up a promotional handout for your announcement, contact our media team. Information must be received 3 weeks prior to the date the handouts are needed.

If applicable, please be sure to pick up any promotional materials created for you by our church staff. NOTE: Marketing requests require TIME to complete. We have a lot of (free) resources, but they also require time to submit. Additional time is required if marketing materials have to be created for the campaign. Requests MUST be made at least 7-8 weeks in advance of the event!

Questions or concerns? Contact Tina Shaw at christinashaw@gmail.com or through the church office at 817-244-1153.

Advertising Tips:
A. BE SPECIFIC: When you fill out this form, be sure to include every detail. Think about what questions people may ask about your event and go ahead and answer them here. Pay special attention to times and locations. People are not going to join you if they do not know where to find you. (Example: If a prayer group is meeting at Chick-Fil-A, they should specify which restaurant location.)
B. TALK IT UP: Face-to-face is the most effective form of advertising. When you are at church, work, or anywhere else, tell folks about your event. The best way to inform people of your upcoming event is for you to contact people individually. If your announcement affects a small group of people, speak to them face to face, give them a call, or email them. This method, overall, receives the best response.
C. BE A STAR: Would you be willing to star in an announcement video or know someone else who would be? If so, please contact Tina Shaw. Videos take time and planning to create, so the sooner the better.
D. PRAY!: Everything we do here at WHUMC is to bring glory to the Name of the Lord. Bathe your events in prayer and seek Christ’s direction as you minister to others in our church and community.

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