VRML League Moderator Application
VR Master League looking for people with a passion for the game and the competitive community. Now is your chance to contribute!

A Moderator's essential tasks are:
 - Adhere to the League Member Code of Conduct;
 - Have complete knowledge of the League rules and participate in creating or updating them;
 - Respond to tickets created by players;
 - Listen to players' concerns and bring them to the attention of other Moderators;
 - Think of, and discuss, ideas to continue engaging the competitive scene and listen to input from the community;
 - Help monitor channels in your community's VRML Discord and apply Discord server rules;
 - Answer questions from players and help adjust players' roles when necessary;
 - Ensure League rules are respected by the players;
 - Address ad-hoc issues between League players;
 - When an issue requires disciplinary measures, bring the issue to the VRML Moderation Leads;
 - Keep the players informed on League announcements, rules adjustments, and other relevant information;
 - Work cooperatively with the Moderator team to discuss and solve issues within the community;

* A League Moderator can be on a team, but must recuse themselves from any decision involving their team.

NOTE: This application will be fully cleared every 6 months. This is to ensure applications are current and still wanting to be mods. If you apply and aren't accepted the first time, feel free to apply again once we clear the list.
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