Open letter from members of the UC Berkeley Department of Mathematics
Dear members of the math department,

If you agree with the statement below, we very much encourage you to add your name to it. We plan to deliver it to the Chancellor's Office and other relevant parties and to make it publicly available. Please sign by TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15 at 11:59pm. Thanks in advance for your support.

We, the undersigned members of the Department of Mathematics at UC Berkeley, strongly condemn the actions of the UC Berkeley and Alameda County police forces on Wednesday, November 9. It is our assessment that officers in those forces attacked students who were plainly not engaged in violent activity. We maintain that the use of violence against peaceful protesters is not justified. Therefore, we ask that Chancellor Robert Birgeneau, on behalf of the University community, rescind his message of November 10 condoning the conduct of the police. We call upon the Chancellor to take all necessary steps to ensure that the campus police never again attack unarmed students engaged in peaceful protest.

Signatures (last updated 7:13pm 11/15/11):
Melody Chan
Andrew Critch
Linda Brown Westrick
Matthew Tucker-Simmons
Spencer Backman
Alex Kruckman
Diogo Gaspar Teixeira de Oliveira e Silva
Sarah Brodsky
Christopher Allen Manon
James Tener
Xiang Li
Scott Morrison
Taryn Flock
Renato Ferreira de Velloso Vianna
Dario Beraldo
Kelty Allen
Adam Merberg
Amit Kumar Gupta
Nam Trang
Trevor Wilson
George Melvin
Ethan Atkins
Nathan Owen Ilten
Vinicius Gripp Barros Ramos
Bryan Gillespie
Ian Haken
Markus Vasquez
Kate Poirier
Ralph Morrison
Felipe Rincon
Morgan Brown
Alex Rennet
Slobodan Simic
Jaeyoung Park
Christian Hilaire
Pablo Solis
Piotr Achinger
Anh-Trang Nguyen
Theo Johnson-Freyd
Eugenia Rosu
Christopher Allen Wong
Charles Crissman
Harrison Chen
Richard Lechtenberg
Yuhao Huang
Elena Fuchs
Heather Lee
Jonathan Dahl
Luke Oeding
Aaron Mazel-Gee
Woo-Hyun Cook
Jing Jing Li
Daniel Halpern-Leistner
Bradley Froehle
Kevin Lin
Robertson Bayer
Theodore A. Slaman
Keon Choi
Noah Forman
Chao Kusollerschariya

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