Are you ready to help when disasters strike?
Earthquakes, floods, wildfires and other natural hazards can have disastrous effects, causing massive losses and damage all over the world. Scientists and practitioners, national authorities at all levels, non-governmental organizations and associations, UN and international organizations are working on activities and programmes aiming to prevent disasters.

However, the impact of these efforts is rather limited, if the local population is not aware of surrounding environmental risks. Moreover, it is important to include citizens in the disaster risk management systems at local and national levels to ensure citizen protection and to build towards a more resilient society.

Do you live in a region exposed to earthquakes, floods, wildfires or another natural hazards?
Do you feel prepared to cope with natural hazards? Have you ever thought about being more actively involved in disaster risk prevention measures in your region?

Please take a few minutes to fill in this survey and help UNESCO to evaluate the readiness of citizens around the world to cope with natural hazards.

UNESCO disaster risk reduction team

* The survey was developed by UNESCO ( in collaboration with ISMB ( and the University of Torino ( within the frame of the I-REACT project ( . Funding source: European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (H2020-DRS-01-2015) under grant agreement No. 700256.
1. Is the area where you live (city, village, district) exposed to one or more natural hazards listed below *
I do not know
Volcanic eruption
Mass movement
Cyclones / Storms
Extreme temperatures
Snow/ice related hazards
Other natural hazards
2. Have you experienced any of the following hazards? *
3. Are you aware of a disaster management plan in your area? *
5. How well prepared do you feel to cope with natural hazards in your area? *
Not well at all
Extremely well
4. Do you know how to contact the local disaster management authority in case of an emergency? *
6. Are you involved in any activities related to disaster risk management? *
If so, please specify briefly:
7. Would you be ready and willing to contribute to the following actions related to disasters and emergencies in your area? *
Definitely yes
Probably yes
I don’t know
Probably not
Definitely not
Participate in preparedness trainings
Collect monitoring data on natural hazards (e.g. waterlevel of a nearby river)
Notify authorities about an emergency (e.g. the presence of water, wind, fire)
Receive information from official authorities on secure places (e.g. escape routes, roads not broken from landslides ...) and available resources (e.g. drinking water)
Receive contents and instructions on safe behavior
Sharing useful information among citizens
Notify authorities about potential risks from damaged infrastructure (e.g. cracks, clogged drains, ...)
8. What would be the most convenient way to interact with disaster management authorities? *
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