2021 Food & Farm Academy
A 4-week program, July 12-August 6th, for youth 16-24 yrs old to learn about healthy eating, cooking, food systems, farming, business basics, and farm stand marketing. The program will meet Tuesday-Thursday from 10:00 am - 4:00 at the Food Forest site at College of the Redwoods Del Norte. Students can expect hands-on learning activities and lessons; working on the Food Forest site planting, weeding, and harvesting; preparing lunch and cleaning up; running an onsite farm stand and selling at local farmers markets. Participating youth will have an opportunity to be hired on for summer farm camps in August or for intern positions at the Food Forest.

All applicants will need to go through an in person interview in the beginning of June to make it into the program. Program limited to 10 participants

For questions or more information you can contact Angela Gray, Food Forest Program Manager, agray@frcredwoods.org.
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