Student Parking At Hood Park
We are pleased to announce that we are now offering free student parking at Hood Park and require a Student Parking Form and Vehicle Registration. Upon completion and acceptance of this form, students will receive a parking pass allowing authorized parking at Hood Park. The parking permit will be valid for the academic year of September 1, 2017 until August 31, 2018. Students are only allowed to park at Hood Park during the duration of their classes and will need to re-apply each academic year.
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Parking at Hood Park is available to students at no cost.

--> If you require accessible parking for a documented disability, you must first contact the Office of Disability Services at

--> If you do not have a parking permit, you may NOT park on the Cambridge College premise. Only valid permit holders are permitted to park.

--> Replacement of a lost or stolen permit is $15.00.

Parking Regulations
The Hood Park property is private and reserves the right to control access at all times. To protect the College community and to provide optimal use of parking resources for community members, campus access is controlled via parking by permit only. Parking at Cambridge College is a privilege and regulations are strictly enforced. The College reserves the right to change access and parking regulations based upon major events of the College without notice. Regulations, rules, policy recommendations, permissions, and procedures concerning parking at Cambridge College are managed by the Business Operations Department and Security. The Office of Business Operations operates the parking management system and distributes parking permits. Enforcement of the Cambridge College parking regulations, rules and policies is managed by Cambridge College Security.
Accidents/Criminal Activity *
Vehicular accidents occurring on Cambridge College property must be reported to the Cambridge College Security immediately. Cambridge College assumes no responsibility for damage caused by others to any vehicle, person or personal property while on Cambridge College property.
General Parking Regulations *
Parking is by permit only. All vehicles entering the Hood Park property with a permit must have a valid registration, valid emissions sticker and valid insurance. Overnight parking is NOT allowed. All vehicles must exit Hood Park parking lot by 12am Monday through Friday and 7pm on Saturday and Sunday. All unlined areas on Hood Park properties may not be used for parking for any reason or any length of time. Parking in an illegal area can or will result towing of the owners vehicle at the owners expense and loss of parking privileges.
Qualifications *
Parking is currently only offered to Cambridge College students actively enrolled in any Graduate or Undergraduate program attending classes at 500 Rutherford Ave.
Vehicle Damage/Property Loss *
Cambridge College assumes no responsibility for damage, theft or property loss for any reason while a vehicle is operated or parked on Hood Park properties, including flooding or other weather related incidents to vehicles and/or other content.
Inclement Weather *
Winter Weather Emergencies: During snow or other weather emergencies, parking advisories may be issued to inform the campus community of parking changes via email or signage. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to monitor weather conditions and Cambridge College parking advisories to avoid damage to vehicles and/or property. Cambridge College assumes no responsibility to warn permit holders of sudden or unpredicted severe storms that may cause flooding or property damage. During severe weather, parking may be restricted.
School Closings *
During school breaks, severe weather conditions or holidays parking will not be permitted.
Permit Holder’s Agreement *
Upon qualifying for and accepting a parking permit, all permit holders agree that they fully understand and will abide by all Cambridge College parking regulations. Failure to adhere to these regulations may result in towing at the owner’s expense or loss of parking privileges. Limit of one permit per qualified student, nontransferable to another person or vehicle. Permit display location: must be placed inside car on the front dashboard of the driver’s side at the lowest corner. Must be legible from outside but not obstruct the driver’s line of sight. Expired permits must be removed from vehicle display when a permit is renewed. Lost permits must be formally reported to Cambridge College Security before a new permit can be acquired. Filing a false report will result in the permit holder’s forfeiture of ability to acquire future parking permit privileges from Cambridge College. Parking is permitted in designated areas assigned by parking attendant. Permits are property of Cambridge College and must be surrendered upon request of College Official and are nontransferable.
Permit Approval *
Once your Parking Permit application has been received it shall be processed by the Business Operations department. Notification will be sent via email.
Replacement Permits *
All lost permits must be reported to Cambridge College Security before a new permit can be obtained through the Office of Business Services. Filing a false report will result in the permit holder's forfeiture of future parking permit privileges from Cambridge College. A $25 fee will be assessed for lost or replacement parking permits without submission of active permit from former vehicle registered for Cambridge College parking permit. Damaged permits will be replaced at no charge upon exchange of the original damaged permit.
Traffic & Parking Enforcement
Cambridge College Parking Regulations are enforced by Hood Park Security.
Vehicle Towing *
Any and all illegally parked vehicles are subject to tow at the owner’s expense. Vehicle towing may result from the following violations: Blocking dumpsters or another vehicle; Not parked in a lined space; Exceeding time limit; Unauthorized overnight parking; Speeding; Using fictitious, falsely made, or altered College permit; No permit or wrong permit; Parking in restricted area without proper permit; Obstructing roadway, entrance or exit; Transferred permit or falsification of vehicle information.
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I agree to abide by all parking and traffic laws, regulations, and policies of Cambridge College and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts when operating a motor vehicle on campus. I will adhere to all posted signs, permanent and temporary, and cooperate fully with directions issued by the college and property owner. I understand that unauthorized vehicles may be towed by the property owner. I understand my failure to abide by parking and traffic laws, regulations, and policies may result in internal sanctions, including disciplinary action and/or loss of parking privileges, as determined by the College. I understand that neither Cambridge College nor the property owner bears any responsibility for vehicles or their contents. By signing, you confirm that you agree to abide by the Parking Policy and Regulations and that all the information above is true.
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