Enrolment Application Form & Digital Citizenship Agreement

It will take you at least 20 minutes to complete both the Enrolment Application Form and Digital Citizenship Agreement below. The forms need to be completed in full, in a single sitting, therefore please ensure that you have enough time to complete the forms in their entirety. You will need to have the following information to hand:

- the applicant's personal details
- permanent residency or student visa date of entry into New Zealand (if applicable)
- NZ Maori iwi (if applicable)
- primary contact's name, home address, e-mail address, home phone, work phone and mobile numbers
- secondary contact's name, home address, e-mail address, home phone, work phone and mobile numbers
- third contact's name, home phone and mobile numbers (optional)
- any medical conditions of the applicant and the action or treatment required and
- any special education needs of the applicant.

Some of the information required is compulsory and you will not be able to move forward until these details are entered.

Note that the applicant (the student) is required to have read Belmont Intermediate School's general cyber-safety & network access and BYOD policies (detailed within the form below) and is required to enter a digital signature as acceptance of these policies.

A copy of the Digital Citizenship Agreement can be found on the school's website or here: http://belmontint.school.nz/~belmonti/files/4114/8538/1253/Digital_Citizenship_Agreement_2017.pdf

After completing the enrolment application, you will also need to e-mail the following documents to the school (office@belmontint.school.nz with the subject heading: applicant's first name and surname). Your child can not start school or can not be registered until we have received these documents:

- proof of address, e.g. utility bill, rates, or similar
- NZ/Australian citizens: copy of applicant's NZ or Australian birth certificate OR current NZ or Australian passport
- Non-NZ citizens: copy of current passport showing personal details and proof of NZ residency visa or permit
- If applicant is on a student visa, provide copy of parent's passport pages showing personal details and visa (non-NZ citizens).

If you have any questions regarding enrolment, please contact the school on office@belmontint.school.nz or 09 489 4878.