Supporter Application
Apply to be a Supporter for Undercards!

Supporters are the starting level of moderation staff for Undercards. As a supporter, you must be ready to enforce rules as necessary. For this role, good knowledge of the rules and community is required, as well as good experience with chat moderation. You must also be ready to answer questions from the community, and follow our guidelines, and be fair to every member.

If you have good performance, you will be promoted to Moderator. Then, you will have higher permissions and you will be part of the head staff.
What are your Undercards and Discord usernames? *
How old are you? *
What languages can you read and write fluently? *
When and how often are you able to moderate, and what is your timezone? *
How familiar are you with Undercards' community and rules? *
What experience do you have in chat moderation? *
What do you plan to do as a supporter? *
Why do you want to be a supporter? *
You acknowledge that as a Supporter, you must adhere to the staff guidelines and listen to the heads of staff when they give general direction to the team? *
Select the punishments you will give in the case of the following rulebreaks:
A user on the discord server, with no history of rulebreaks, begins a heated argument with another member. *
A level 50 user on the website, with a record of having spammed random characters in chat on one occasion, uses a racial slur. *
A well-known user, whose main account is banned on website, creates an alt and a few days later, makes a racist statement. *
A user leaves and immediately rejoins the discord server 5 times in a row. *
A user posts a highly offensive meme as their first post in the discord server. *
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