Active Asset Funder IR/PR Services: Setup a SPV, book private video/Investor Luncheon Meeting & book a Brand Influencer Story, Podcast or Livestream Fireside Chat slot!
Active Asset Funder IR CRM software connects Public/Private owned company CEO's with thousands of Investors for private video/IRL meetings. We also connect you to Brand Influencers using Podcast/Livestream Fireside Chat Interviews. 
Update: We are working with Family Office Insights (FOI) to nominate Company CEO's that: 
Has an exceptional opportunity, 
Presents well
Is Prepared to present to investors
Can comfortably afford the Family Office Insights fee
Follows up diligently with Family Office Insights. We will work with you to setup & manage a SPV Fund and book Private Video/IRL Luncheon presentation meetings with Investors. This form is to survey CEO's interested in Active Asset Funder/Family Office Insight SPV Investor Fund, Private Video Pitch Webinar & IRL Luncheon Presentation opportunities.

Our podcast Building The Blockchain and our Brand Influencer Podcasts are broadcast on and distributed on: 

Apple Podcasts
Google Podcasts
Pocket Casts

Active Asset funder nominates to FOI company CEO's that:
Has an exceptional opportunity
Presents well

Prepared to present to investors

Can comfortably afford the Family Office Insights fee

Follows up diligently

Attn CEO's: FOI Company Presentation Capacity is LIMITED! 

So If you would like Active Active Funder see if your opportunity is a fit for the FOI investor community, here is some background if you care to review. There is a good bit of information below that may answer most of your questions. Apply here:

or send your investor deck to

FOI receives over 200 applications a month from those that would benefit from connecting with and pitching to the FOI investor community. If the applicants are 1 of the approximately 15 qualifiers a month, they pay a flat fee from $3,000.00 to $16,000.00 ($10,000.00 for a time post COVID) to pitch to FOI investor community. We do not accept success fees.

For certain qualifiers, FOI also produces NASDAQ and NYSE venue Brand PR interviews for a fee.

There are 3 Investor Presentation options:

1) 30-minute webinar: $3,000.00

2) 60-minute webinar: $5,000.00

3) 60-minute “in person” luncheon in NYC with targeted investor research project: $16,000.00 (now $10,000.00 post COVID)

If approved, we publish a series of invitations to active FOI member family offices and looks like this:   where they can read about the company and RSVP/Register for the webinar and  a Peer Insights Report looks like this and is hosted on the Family Office Insights website) is emailed to the 22,000 FOI members. If accelerating the nexus of connectivity to family office investors is helpful to you, we would gladly send along further details to see if it’s a fit for you and the FOI investor community. 


About FOI

The FOI community is:
Very private
Very specifically single family offices
Is over 20 years in the making
Hard to get to & super private,
Actively seeking deal flow in multiple sectors directly and via fund allocations

Standing ready and has appetite for exceptional opportunities.  

Active Asset Funder schedules Private Investor IRL Luncheons in:

Las Vegas
Los Angeles*
New York**

The Active Asset Funder & Family Office Insights Private Video/IRL investor luncheon Presentations combine the opportunity for CEO's to book a video or IRL meetings with pre-selected and screened Investors according to your schedule. These Presentations save money, travel time for all, and offers your company a regular opportunity to develop and grow your business rolodex of Investors! Our Private Investor Video & IRL presentations maintain Investor and company privacy you can always schedule private meetings with investors for business development, strategic planning, etc. Here's the Family Office Insight current schedule:

We have developed a private partner network of thousands of contacts which includes our network of conference attendees, our Active Asset Funder Investor relations network and the Family Office Insights network, which combined, maintain a active CRM database of of thousands of accredited investors: VC, Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Crypto Funds, UNHWI Angel Investors, Crypto Developers, Broker Dealers, Investment Bankers, Institutional Pension Trustees, etc.

Are you a Company Leader CEO with an innovative concept or story to develop groundbreaking content?Influencers/Models are the fastest way to transfer trust from their reputation to your project and Story posts, Influencer Podcasts and Livestreams are best forms of media to interact with them! 

With communities becoming more wary of pump & dump schemes, influencers who are credible and trusted will only represent projects that win their approval. Even the largest Web3 projects need to monitor their social media sentiment. In the event of a crisis, influencers also become the first to react and can make or break communities. 

We'll work with you to custom select the best influencer/model for your Brand! Record at Podcast & Livestream a Fireside Chat interview with a Influencer/Model from Los Angeles, Miami, or New York!

Are you a Public company, or do you have what it takes to be the next great private company in this new age of Blockchain, ESG, Media. Healthcare, Real Estate, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Virtual Reality, IoT, Web3.0, We want to help you change the world for the better. Get started today!  Fill out our survey below! No
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We setup & Manage your SPV (special purpose vehicle): you combine 25 GP/LP different types of accredited Investors as one Investor on your cap table and raise up to $10M! Our SPV setup fee is 40%-50% less than AngelList! Would you like to book a SPV Investor consultation with us? *
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