2020: Goa Startup Policy Input & Goa Startup Dossier
This latest information collected from the Goa Startups will be collated as Goa State Startup Dossier. The Startup Dossier will be circulated to Government Departments, Industry associations & all stakeholders. This will be done to achieve dual purpose of spreading awareness of Goa Startups and generate business opportunities for the Startup. As a new Goa Startup Policy 2020 is in works, Please provide inputs on what you will like to see in the New Goa Startup Policy 2020. #BetterTogether for #BetterStartupWorld for #BetterGoa
Note: Please ensure spellings are correct as well. We will publish the relevant fields as it is in the Startup Dossier.
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I do hereby declare that all the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I give permission to Startup Promotion Cell, Goa to use this information as deem fit and proper. *
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