Write for The Lemonade Stand
The Lemonade Stand (thelemonadestand.xyz) is a blog that helps driven youth create viable businesses. Topics include start-up ideation, trends in the business world, marketing and more... all written from a teen's perspective.

What's in it for you?
-Share your experiences with the world /advertise your start-up on a global
-Opportunity to interview entrepreneurs in a monthly podcast
-Access to a community of like-minded high school entrepreneurs
-Learn to convey ideas effectively and write eloquently
-Improve your resume for colleges

- Write 1 1500-2000 word article every 3-4 weeks
-Must have some experience in business
-Must be in middle school or high school

Articles can be about your experience creating a start-up, entering business competitions, being in FBLA/DECA/other business club. You can also refute business teachings and provide argumentation for why you think it is wrong, trends you see in the business world, etc. If you have an article idea you believe in, don't hesitate to propose the idea. Our mission is to generate raw, refreshing, and creative ideas applicable to the business world since so many business blogs are written by only adults. We believe that you can create thoughtful suggestions that other high schoolers would like to read (and maybe even adults).

**Bullet points are fine, just make sure to give complete responses!**

Good luck!
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