Cultural Exchange Group (Spring 2017) Application
Why join CEG? 为什么申请文化交流项目?
Want to meet new friends? Hoping to learn more about New York? Are you passionate or curious about social justice issues, and how they affect our local communities? Apply to join the Teen Resource Center's (TRC) Cultural Exchange Group! We are a two-month program (March 2nd to May 11th) meeting every Thursday from 4:00 to 5:30 PM. We accept applications from young people ages 13 to 21; priority will be given to recent immigrants.

想不想认识新朋友?希望了解更多关于纽约吗?你对社会正义问题以及它们如何影响我们的社区充满激情或好奇吗?申请加入青少年资源中心 (TRC) 的文化交流小组!这是一个两月的项目(3月2日到5月11日),每周四从4:00到5:30见面。 我们接受13到21岁的青少年的申请; 将优先考虑移民。

What will we learn? 我们将学什么话题?
CEG members will explore a lot of topics, including:
- Gender and Sexual Orientation
- College Applications/Financial Aid
- What is "language justice"? Why does it matter?
- Gentrification in Chinatown and NYC
- Photography skills
We will also create a final "Photo Exhibit" project about a topic of your choosing!

- 性别和性取向
- 申请大学/申请经济援助项目
- 什么是“语言正义”? 它为什么很重要?
- 唐人街和纽约的贵族化
- 摄影技能
我们还将创建一个关于您选择的主题的 “照片展览”!

Applications are due February 23rd at 5:00 PM!

请 2月23号 5:00 之前完成这个申请表格。

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