Beyond Separation: Whiteness and the Embodiment of a New Story (8-Week Class)
“We are a country built on fabrication, nostalgia and euphemism. And every time America shows the worst of itself, all the contradictions collapse into the lie I've heard nonstop for the last several years: "This isn't who we are." The lie is all around us. ...What would happen if we decided to be more honest about race the next time our nation found itself at a racial flashpoint? What might be lost? What might be gained? It's hard to know, because I've never seen us, collectively, do it before. But I know that history only yells louder each time we refuse to listen. And no lie, no matter how often it's told, can keep the truth at bay.”

--Sam Sanders, NPR correspondent

*Despite being committed to social justice and knowing some of this country's history, is there a part of you that was/is shocked at the disturbing images and realities of the attempted coup at the Capitol?  

*Have you been engaged in anti-racist work and long to deepen the conversation, your commitment, and anti-racist community building?

*Are you wanting to support your BIPOC friends in these times and unsure of how to be with them?

* Are you longing for a compassionate community to take your next steps in educating yourself about the history, harms, and internalization of racism and White Supremacy?
* Are you concerned that you don’t know enough to speak up or show up effectively?

Resilience and capacity-building are the antidotes to White Fragility.  It is essential that we come together to learn how white supremacy functions. We must do the work that is needed to stay in this work for the long-haul. At Beyond Separation, our intention is to hold space for White people to learn about racism and process our reactions together, so that we can build our collective resilience and anti-racist stamina. This will help us avoid expecting Black and Brown people to teach us about their oppression or to support us emotionally when we are upset by the realities of racism. We work to help White people embody, deepen, and energize their anti-racist work across all levels of engagement - personal, interpersonal, cultural, institutional, and structural.

We believe that white people coming together to build trust, share stories, and be real in regards to our whiteness is an essential step in the long journey to collective healing and liberation.

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Course Facilitators: Elana Isaacs and Angela Sevin (bios below)

When: The Winter Beyond Separation Class will take place over 8 consecutive Thursdays
Feb 4-March 25th  5:30pm-8pm PST  

Sliding Scale:

*Because this work requires trust-building, we request that participants commit to all classes. Missing classes  will impact community learning.

**Please consider paying as much as you are able in order to support this work. We have partial scholarships and payment plans available. Email us at 

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to TGI Justice Project, whose mission is to support black trans leadership and safety, in California prisons and beyond.

Location: Online zoom
We will send out the link before the class to the email you provide.

There is some physical movement integrated into the curriculum. We will do our best to design and accommodate our activities to meet all body types and abilities. Please see for more details.

For more, see our website:


*We believe that, as white-identified people, we have a responsibility to educate ourselves about racism. In addition, coming together in a white-only space can enable us to be more honest about feelings and experiences that might otherwise be held back out of embarrassment or fear of causing pain to people of color. Honest dialogues about racism among white-identified people disrupts the white social norm that discourages these conversations.

*********Please fill out Registration Form below*********


Elana Isaacs is an able-bodied, white, queer, cis femme, Jewish, upper-middle class raised, performing artist, national consultant, trainer, and facilitator with extensive experience custom-designing equity, embodied leadership, and team development programs for businesses, non-profits, and schools. She works with organization leaders and staff to guide social and racial equity goals using modalities such as Applied Improvisation to address implicit bias. Recent clients and partners include Whole Foods, Energy Solutions, Toyota, TechInclusion, Urban Habitat, College Preparatory School, Bill Baren Coaching, School for International Training, Institute for Creative Integration, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Alameda County Healthcare Services and San Leandro Juvenile Justice Center. She is a graduate of Oberlin College and Tamalpa Institute for Expressive Arts Therapy and Education. She is also a Senior Trainer with The Justice Collective.

Angela Sevin is an able-bodied white, cis female, rural middle class raised educational consultant, facilitator and visual artist. Passionate about racial equity, restorative justice and the regeneration of the world we inhabit, she works holistically in collaboration with cutting edge leaders, developing solutions with and for resilient communities. After earning a graduate degree in Experiential Education, she helped start and run several small democratic schools and directs the Green Life, a grassroots environmental leadership program by and for those impacted by mass incarceration. She encourages people from all walks of life to come together and share their hopes and desires as well as sorrow and despair about the condition of life here on our planet home. Since the mid 90s, she has worked toward creating educational environments inclusive of social change ideals and activist principles balanced with individual empowerment.

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