MacBook Parent Agreement 2017-18
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Parent Agreement

My signature or initials, whether in physical or digital format, indicates I agree to ensure that my student and others in my household will abide by the policies in the Nettleton Technology Handbook, the Acceptable Use Policy, and any policies regarding technology in the student handbook. I also acknowledge that the issued MacBook does not belong to me or my student, that it is the property of the Nettleton School District, and that it will properly maintained and, in the event of leaving the district, promptly returned to the Nettleton School District.

My student and I understand that misuse of or damage to the computer or other failures to abide by these policies can result in consequences including but not limited to:

-Loss of certain computer privileges
-Inability to take a computer home
-Discipline as deemed appropriate by a building or district administrator
-Being issued an alternative device
-Pursuit of criminal charges in cases of intentional damage or theft.

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My entering my name, I acknowledge that I have reviewed the Nettleton Technology Handbook, and my student will abide by the policies therein as well as the information in this agreement.
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