Junior Skills Day
This is the sign up form for the Junior Skills Day on Saturday 14th Sept at :

Tonbridge School Centre
51 London Road
TN10 3AD

Anybody aged 10 to 19 is welcome to take part, no previous experience playing ultimate is necessary. If you are under 18 please get permission from a parent or guardian to sign up and they will need to enter some details.

On the day you will be split into two age groups, 10-13 and 14-19.

In the morning (9:30 - 12:30) you will get to take part in 4 separate drills run by elite coaches that have played on or coached some of the best teams in Europe.

In the afternoon (13:30 - 16:30) you will be split into teams to play in the Hat Tournament. Each team will hopefully have an adult Role Model from each gender that is an experienced player who can offer more hands on strategy and tactics advice during the games.

The day will cost £8 and you will receive payment instructions with the confirmation email.

Please leave any questions in the comments box and contact: development@brightonultimate.co.uk

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