Kenny's Fall 2020 Social Media Intern Application
Kenny’s is searching for a creative, reliable and social media savvy student to be our Fall Social Media Intern!


Application Deadline: September 4, 2020

All applicants will be contacted after this date.

About Kenny's:

Kenny’s is an outdoor community and cultural celebration space in Homewood. The space is not to replace or replicate activities that are already happening in Homewood. Instead, Kenny’s gives a platform to those businesses and initiatives that are already happening in the neighborhood but may need a space to showcase them. Our focus is intentional community conversations and collaborations. Ultimately, Kenny’s exists to give residents a new and different experience and allow people from outside the neighborhood an avenue to experience the greatness that is Homewood. A key focus of ours, in addition to arts and entertainment, is health equity. We seek to bridge the gap between access and information so residents of Homewood have opportunities to live a healthier lifestyle and improved wellbeing. Learn more at

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Kenny's is located in Homewood, a neighborhood in Pittsburgh, PA. Are you familiar with the Homewood? *
Summarize your knowledge or involvement with Homewood. What do you know about it? Do you have relations to the community? Have you done any work with Homewood before?
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Briefly summarize your graphic design experience. NOTE: It is not a requirement to have professional graphic design experience, but we will be using Canva to create visuals for Instagram. This question helps us get to know your experience and comfort level with creative design. *
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ATTENTION! YOUR APPLICATION IS NOT COMPLETE YET! Please send your resume to if you have one. Taylor is our communications consultant who will be working with you. If you don't currently have a resume, but do have a website or portfolio, you may send that instead. Either is acceptable. It is NOT a requirement to have both. Check here once you've done this, and you're good to go! *
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