A Pleasance Scratch - application form
Application form for A Pleasance Scratch on Monday 1st July 2019. Deadline 10am on Monday 3rd June.

A Pleasance Scratch is an evening of variety, ideas and fun; a chance to see artists present brave, new work at the first stages of development.

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Applications close at 10am on Monday 3rd June 2019.
We provide:
- Mentoring and support from our team
- A slot in our Main House theatre to share your 10 minute piece of work-in-progress with an audience and get their feedback
- Basic technical support for the performance

Each project should:
- Engage its own performers and creative team as necessary
- Provide any props the performance requires
- Provide all technical requirements with as much notice as possible
- Be available all day on Mon 1st July 2019

Equality and Diversity Monitoring
The Pleasance wants to meet the aims and commitments set out in its equality policy. This includes not discriminating under the Equality Act 2010, and building an accurate picture of the make-up of participants in encouraging equality and diversity. The organisation needs your help and co-operation to enable it to do this, but filling in this form is voluntary. The information you provide will stay confidential, and be stored securely, separately to your application, and limited to only some staff in the organisation’s Human Resources section.

Please help us by completing this brief form: https://goo.gl/forms/EuJkDQXk2P16MmrW2

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YouTube or Vimeo links are recommended rather than WeTransfer or Dropbox
Tell us about the piece of work you are looking to develop as part of A Pleasance Scratch
What the piece is about, its style/form, what stage of development it's at
How will participating in the scratch contribute to the development of the piece?
Any specific aspect/element you are hoping to develop or get feedback on, how the scratch will support your process
Please provide a biography for your company and/or yourself as the lead artist
Please provide any supporting pictures or video links here (of this or previous work)
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Optional, ie a script, a video, photos.
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