Vendor Application 2018
Be sure to read the Vendor Information Packet, which can be found at

The Vendor Information Packet will be the terms and conditions which will govern our relationship.

Vendor Information
Vendor Name *
The legal name of the company or organization for the application.
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Contact Name *
The primary contact person for the company/organization.
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E-mail address *
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Contact Number
Helpful, alternate way for Exhibition Room Coordinator to keep in touch throughout the Convention. Please ensure to include the area code!!!
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Vendor Website
Please provide the Website for the company/organization, if available. The Website will help us get to know you and your products. Animaritime may place the Website on our Vendor page!
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Merchandise Information
Please provide as much detail as possible to help us understand what you will be selling.
Short description of merchandise
This information is helpful to provide a description of your company on our Website and/or in our Registration Book.
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Full description of merchandise *
Please provide a COMPLETE and accurate description of the types of goods being sold. Examples include: 'plushies', 'jewelry', 'snacks', and 'comics'. Please NOTE: If this question is incomplete, it will impact your application.
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About your merchandise *
Please check all that apply.
Booth Preference
In the applicable space below, please let us know your preferences for vendor spaces. We will try to give booths based on when the application was received.

Please be aware that while we will try our best to give you your preferred spaces, we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

Exhibition Room Layout
Oriented with booths in section A as North/waterfront
Preferred vendor booths *
Separate booth preferences with commas (i.e. B1 B2 B3, A2 A3 A4, C1 C2). Please provide at least three preferences.
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Number of Booths Requested *
Please indicate the total number of booths you are seeking.
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Terms and Conditions
Please be advised that a signed, paper copy will be required upon arrival and will be provided by the Exhibition Room Coordinator or appointed Animaritime Staff member.
I agree to all Terms and Conditions in the Vendor Info Packet *
I have read and accept the terms and conditions set forth by the Vendor Information Packet. A link to which can be found at the top of this form.
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