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The below form will collect some information to put together a draft of your crowdfunding site with AthleteBiz. Once complete, we can work together to ensure everything is just the way you want it! If you have any questions, just send Aaron an email at
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Campaign Name
This will be the header for your campaign. Names should be eye-catching and quickly descriptive, like, "Tim's Road to Rio" or "Jane's Journey to Gold"
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Campaign Tag Line
A few words to spark further interest for those checking out your campaign, like "Let's Chase A Dream" or "Going for the Gold"
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An Appeal to Donors
Alright, here is the most important part. Why should someone support your campaign?

Typically, this should be at least 2 paragraphs, and include the following:
~ Who you are
~ What you do
~ A little bit of background
~ Why you need their support
~ Explicitly, what you will do with the funds

This may take some time and thinking, as you want to make an appeal for people to open their hearts and wallets to your journey. Do not be bashful when telling your story! We can also edit and make updates after your campaign is published.

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Fundraising Goal
How much money would you ideally raise through your campaign? Remember, it is important to have a realistic, attainable goal!
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Other Important Things
A striking visual presence will also go a long way in making sure fans want to stick around to check out your campaign. We will also follow-up for them, but if you would like to be proactive, please send the following to Aaron at

~ A landscape-oriented, high-resolution image (ideal image size is 1050x300) - this will be a banner on your campaign
~ A headshot or other image you like (ideal image size is 300x300) - this will be the display image on your campaign
~ A pitch video (see example from Jordan Scott's successful 2015 Rally below) - a video is optional, but highly recommended. This may take some time to create, but it is worthwhile to put together something that will engage your fans to donate! A good video will likely be the most impactful piece of your campaign, and can reduce some of the narrative from your Appeal to Donors!
~ Any additional images you would like included!

** We are happy to assist with cropping images, so if you do not have something the exact size needed, no problem! The most important part is that the images are landscape-oriented and high-resolution.

Jordan Scott's RallyMe Video
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