Higher Education (University) Teaching of Geoscience
EGU aims to provide support for Higher Education (University), and is considering organising networks, webinars, workshops, conference sessions, and teaching resources for all those teaching geoscience in Higher Education, including PhD students, postgraduates, research fellows, and permanent academic or teaching support staff.

This questionnaire, which will take 5-10 minutes to complete, will provide us with essential information to ensure that EGU’s HE support directly addresses the geoscience-specific needs of the HE geoscience teaching community, so your input is greatly appreciated.

The information that you provide in this anonymous questionnaire will be aggregated into a single report that will be used by the EGU Committee on Education to help develop a strategy on support for Higher Education teaching of geoscience. Both the aggregated anonymous responses, and the finalised strategy, will be made freely available on the EGU website. Individual responses will not be stored once the aggregated report has been finalised.

Your Position:
Your answer
Country in which you teach Higher Education geoscience
Your answer
Is geoscience-specific support for HE teachers available in your country?
TOPICS- If you teach geosciences at University, please tell us the areas/topics where EGU support would be most helpful. Please tick all that are of interest to you. (Geoscience includes Earth, planetary, and space sciences):
NETWORKING- Would you be interested in opportunities to network with other educators teaching geoscience at universities (e.g. via professional or social networking - LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)?
TEACHING RESOURCES- Would you be interested in HE geoscience teaching resources (e.g. case studies, keynote lectures, etc.)
TEACHING RESOURCES - If interested in HE geoscience teaching resources, do you have any suggestions or requests?
Your answer
WEBINARS- Would you be interested in taking part in webinars and online seminars about the Higher Education teaching of geoscience?
WORKSHOPS- Would you be interested in attending workshops on geoscience teaching during the weekend immediately before the EGU General Assembly?
ATTENDANCE- How likely are you to stay for the EGU General Assembly after attending a HE geoscience teaching workshop?
CONFERENCES on GEOSCIENCE TEACHING- Would you be interested in attending, or presenting a contribution at, conference sessions on teaching geoscience during the EGU General Assembly?
SUPPORT– How important would it be to you if there was an opportunity to apply for financial support from EGU to attend an HE geoscience teaching event?
CERTIFICATION- How important will it be for you to receive formal certification of your participation in a geoscience teaching event?
YOUR TEACHING EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE- Briefly describe your geoscience teaching experiences and expertise
Your answer
Do you believe that you are teaching beyond your area of geoscience expertise?
Do you think that it would be valuable to discuss HE geoscience teaching issues with staff from other countries?
Any other comment or suggestion?
Your answer
Many thanks for completing this questionnaire - your responses are important in helping EGU to plan its support for Higher Education teaching of geoscience!
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