"LeadIN Core" Application Form (Spring 2018)
The Spring 2018 Cohort Application is now closed! The application for the Summer 2018 cohort will open in April. Please follow us on Social Media for more details.

LeadIN enables you to become the leader you are. We bring people together to learn, share, and grow their leadership.

LeadIN is organized around two core principles. First, learning is social: we learn best when we exchange our unique perspectives and experiences with other people. Second, practice leads to mastery: practicing what we learn and integrating it in our lives allows us to create and sustain positive habits and continuously grow our abilities, our character, our leadership.

Would you like to grow your leadership?
1. Read carefully our Program Overview to learn more about the curriculum, expectations and other logistics: https://tinyurl.com/ybrfueyt
2. Apply for our LeadIN Core program by answering the questions below!

Thank you for your interest!

What is your first name? *
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What is your last name? *
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Do you have a Gmail? *
We use Google Drive to store documents and share resources: while it is not required to have a gmail to participate in "LeadIN Core", it makes it easier so if you have one, please enter it in the next question.
What is your email address? *
If you answered 'yes' in the question above, please enter your gmail. If you answered 'no', please enter your preferred email for LeadIN communication - what you enter here is what we will use for all communication so it's important that you check it often.
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How do you define leadership? *
Tell us how you understand leadership in one sentence.
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How would you describe yourself as a leader? *
Think about the leader you are. Give an example of what that looks like. Share your strengths.
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How do you understand LeadIN's mission and vision? How does it align with your own purpose and values? *
Explain in detail what resonates with you about LeadIN and attracts you to our community.
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What do you hope to gain from participating in the "LeadIN Core" program? *
Explain in detail how the program relates to your personal and professional goals. Tell us about the kind of leader you want to become.
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How will you contribute to LeadIN's evolutionary purpose? *
LeadIN brings people together to learn, share, and grow their leadership. Our community evolves by and through the people it brings together. Please explain in detail how you see your role within the larger LeadIN community and how you may contribute to our success.
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What is your level of commitment to the "LeadIN Core" program and LeadIN as a whole? *
How did you find out about LeadIN? *
What city do you currently live in? *
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What state do you currently live in? *
LeadIN Core takes place in Washington, DC and you must be able to physically attend our learning circles in order to participate in the program. We are not able to accept candidates who reside outside of the DMV area.
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