2021 - 2022 SCBC Homeschool Fellowship Registration Form
Welcome to Southern Calvert Baptist Church Homeschool Fellowship!
Please be sure to read the information on our website to be sure our Co-op is what you are looking for on your homeschooling journey!

**Please list all allergies and special needs for each child**
Every parent participating in our Co-op will be required to complete a background check which is now required by the church. It is $10 and included in your registration fee ($70). It will last for two years. This will be completed at our parent meetings.
Continue the Registration if you agree.
Name *
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Cell Phone Number *
Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number *
What year did you start Homeschooling? *
Are you a member of SCBC (Southern Calvert Baptist Church)? *
Which Church do you attend on a regular basis?
We are a Faith-based Co-op and would love to know your Statement of Faith or personal testimony. It is optional; but use the space below if you would like to help us get to know you and your family better.
We ask that all participating families agree with our Statement of Faith, you can read what we believe in here: www.scbchomeschoolfellowship.com/about-us *
If you answered No to the question above, please explain why here:
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