*************PLEASE READ************* SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY as it takes time to go through these forms, respond to everyone and fit everyone in. :) To book an appointment please fill this out and be as *detailed* as possible. This is to help speed the process when it comes to booking. It does not guarantee an appointment. If one month is particularly booked you might not get in or if your tattoo idea is not quite my style. Leave time for response you may not hear back until one month before your desired appointment time. I am one person dealing with a high volume of emails and messages so please be patient with me <3

*I DO NOT tattoo on evenings or weekends generally* So you may need to book time off.

If you would like to include a reference picture please email handpokedtattoosbydani@gmail.com with "Reference picture [your name]" as the subject.

I will be doing spontaneous flash days and pop up days for those of you who are unable to book time off, commit too far in advance or just have spontaneous personalities. Keep an eye to my instagram story for these. I will not know in advance when they are coming so I might suggest turning on post notifications if you'd like to snag one up!

You will be contacted for an appointment based on what you fill out on this form. These questions help me book off the appropriate amount of time for this particular piece. Handpoked tattoos are different from machine tattoos so please serious inquiries only. :) Please do not change your idea as I will more than likely not be able to accommodate the change (if it is larger or more detailed)

A $25 non refundable deposit is required to hold and confirm your appointment when you have been contacted and I charge $50 an hour on top of the deposit.

If you are ok will all of this then fill out a form and I'll be talking with you soon :)

Thanks a lot pals!!! I love and appreciate you and all your support!!

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What are you looking to have tattooed? Please be as descriptive as possible. (line work? shading? thin lines? thick lines?) If you have a reference picture please send it to handpokedtattoosbydani@gmail.com with "Reference picture [Your Name]" as the title. If you're looking to get flash either briefly describe the piece you were looking at or attach an image in email with subject "Flash art [Your Name]" I will not tattoo another artists work without permission but I can use a piece for inspiration and reference. *
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Are you going to be sending me a reference photo? *
Where are you looking to have it tattooed? There are certain places I don't recommend and/or won't do. Like the stomach, certain areas on the feet, and the face. (Finger tattoos will fade much faster but I'm still willing to do them if you're ok with that) *
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About what size? How many centimeters or inches tall? How many wide? Some sizes may have to be adjusted depending on placement and amount of detail in the tattoo. *
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What is your availability like? Be as detailed as possible. (Ex. Free between, 1pm-4pm on Monday and Friday, Free all day Saturday and Sunday and only evenings after 4pm on Tuesday and Thursday) The less availability you have the longer you may have to wait for an appointment. Obviously the more flexible you are, the faster you get in :) If you are only here visiting for a short period of time please state that. I *DO NOT* tattoo evenings and weekends. only on the very rare occasion. *
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