Immigrant Cultural Corridors Survey
The Association for Neighborhood Housing and Development (ANHD) has partnered with Chhaya CDC, Cooper Square Committee, and Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition in New York City to conduct a city-wide exploration of the current challenges facing immigrant small business owners. This survey is a tool that will help guide our research as we seek to empower small business owners.

note: you do not have to be an immigrant to complete this survey
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Language Spoken at Home *
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Type of Business *
Do you live in the neighborhood? *
How long have you been in business? *
How long have you been in business at this location? *
How many people do you employ? *
Do you own your commercial space? *
Do you have a lease for your commercial space? *
If yes, how long is it for?
If no, did you have a lease for this location before?
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Do you feel over-burdened by your current rent? *
Do you feel the next time your landlord raises your rent you will be able to pay it? *
Have you had to lay off employees in order to pay rent? *
Have you had to raise prices in order to pay rent? *
Have you ever experienced any of the following? Please check all that apply. *
Do you have a place you can go to get funds if you need a loan? *
Do you think the city provides enough resources in the language you speak at home? *
Do you feel your immigration status influences your business? *
Do you fear an increased presence of ICE and U.S. Customs and Border Control has put your business at risk? *
Do you fear an increased presence of NYPD and other city agencies (i.e. Department of Buildings, Department of Health) has put your business at risk? *
Rank your top concerns, 1 being of most concern and 9 being of least concern *
Tickets, fines, permits, and inspections
Cost of rent
Lack of Lease
Lease length
Access to resources in your primary language
Access to capital
Paying your employees’ health insurance/benefits
Chain Stores
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