Ayrstone 'Pro Partner' Authorized Reseller Application
Completing this application form begins the process of becoming an Ayrstone Productivity 'Pro Partner' Authorized Reseller. The Applicant acknowledges that, by submitting this form, the Applicant is merely submitting an application to become an Authorized Reseller, and that Ayrstone Productivity reserves all rights to approve or reject any application or Applicant in its sole and absolute discretion. Applicant further acknowledges that it has no right to be an Authorized Reseller, and no oral or other approval designation shall be effective apart from any approval or denial generated pursuant to the submission of this Application. Incomplete applications may be delayed or disregarded. Applications are ONLY accepted via online submission. All information provided will be treated as confidential.
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Sections of Application Form:
1. Reseller Program Details
2. Company Information
3. Primary Contact
4. Business Profile
5. Why Choose to be Ayrstone Reseller
6. Services You Will Provide to Ayrstone Customers
7. References
8. Form Review and Authorization
Section 1: Reseller Program Details
1. Generate sales of Ayrstone Productivity products
2. Provide sales support to your customers
3. Offer installation and proficient technical support to your customers
4. Purchase products directly through Ayrstone Productivity website via PayPal/credit card
5. Comply at all times with the Ayrstone Productivity Code of Ethics
6. Sign an “Authorized Reseller Agreement” if you are offered one from Ayrstone Productivity

1. Access to a unique line of highly-rated Wi-Fi networking products for easy applications across open spaces and intermediate distances
2. Minimum 25% discount on Ayrstone Productivity products: additional discounts for volume purchases may be available based on performance
3. Non-exclusive access to a North American sales territory
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