ISLS Workshop Registration: Leveraging the Power of Visualization in the Analysis of Classroom Audiovisual Data
Thank you for your interest in our workshop! Our workshop is scheduled for 6/3 and 6/4 16:00-20:00 (CEST), 10:00am-2:00pm (EDT).
To register, please fill out our brief questionnaire to help us best prepare.
Here's the link to the full description of the workshop:
We also encourage you to check out our project website at:
We will follow up with more details about the workshop after you register.
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As part of this workshop, participants will collaborate in small teams to creatively design and apply visualizations on a chosen dataset. You have the option to bring your qualitatively coded data to workshop in your team, if you so choose. Do you have an already coded dataset you plan to bring to the workshop? *
If yes, briefly describe the dataset, including what research questions it was collected to address, who the participants are and/or what context the data were collected in, what coding analysis has been completed, and software or tools you've used to complete the coding (e.g., spreadsheets, qualitative analysis software). We will be in contact to learn more ahead of the workshop. For example, the dataset we have that you may choose to workshop comes from audio and video recordings of over 100 lessons of secondary U.S. mathematics classrooms across 10 teachers. Approximately 20% of the data has been coded according to several qualitative coding schemes using the Datavyu software to answer several research questions, including: How do teachers structure their lessons in terms of the participation format and activity structures? The coded data is in Datavyu and CSV files.
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