New Patient Request
Thank you for your interest in our office! Please complete the following form to request a new patient appointment. Openings for initial evaluations are available (generally) in 6 to 8 weeks. At times we can receive a high number of new patient requests; please allow as many as 7 - 10 business days for our office to get in touch with you.

If you or the person needing the appointment is in crisis, please call the Travis County Crisis Hotline at (512)472-HELP(4357) or the Williamson County Crisis Hotline BTCS at (800)841-1255.

If this is an emergent situation, please call 911.

Please note: Our office is private pay only and doesn't accept assignment of insurance benefits (but upon request we're happy to provide a walk-out receipt with all the pertinent information you'll need to submit to your insurance for any applicable out of network benefits.)

Our Initial Evaluations are scheduled as follows:
Child/Adolescent: $680 (2x 1-hour sessions)
- 1 hour session with Parent(s) only @ $340
- 1 hour session with Parent(s) + Child @ $340 (generally on a different day)

Adult: $510 (90 minute session)
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Please note: Our office does not provide legal testimony for non-established patients. If you're requesting a psychiatric evaluation for legal purposes, we're happy to refer you to a practice who provides those services. Please call our office at (512)327-3800.
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Dr. Custer's office is private pay only. He's not in-network with any insurance companies and doesn't accept assignment of insurance benefits (but upon request we're happy to provide patients with a walk-out receipt to submit to insurance for any applicable out of network benefits.) *
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