Self-Publishing Journeys Summer Review
Thanks for helping with my mini podcast review - it shouldn't take long!
How long have you listened to the podcast?
What's your favourite bit?
How could the podcast be improved?
What would be the ideal frequency of interview episodes?
What's the ideal duration of an episode - diary or interview?
I'm considering adding a new 5-10 minute weekly section which would include practical tips, 'how to' info and book/audio/podcast recommendations. I'd drop these into the feed on Wednesdays - what do you think?
I'm also toying with a name-change - what do you think?
Another thing I'm considering is pitching for some BIG names - would that interest you?
Another thing I'm considering is appearing on camera - so my diaries would be recorded via webcam, as would author interviews - what do you think? Audio only would arrive as normal. these would be posted to YouTube.
Anything you'd like to add? What do you like, what do you hate, what would you like to hear more of?
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