What It Means to Be A Campus Missionary
Please carefully read the information below to gain a better understanding of what it means to be a CM.
A Campus Missionary (CM) is a student committed to living on mission to see other students in their school come to know Jesus.
Our Core Values
1.) Desperation - In response to the brokenness in our schools and communities, we value a relentless pursuit of God.

2.) Honor - As an outflow of our love for God, we seek to esteem, include, and serve each other with honor.

3.) Excellence - We seek to maximize the effectiveness of the Church by modeling a Christ-centered lifestyle.

4.) Communication - As partners in reaching the lost, we value connecting with other Christians to share knowledge and strategies to better tell others about Jesus.
What You Receive
Ohio Youth Alive CM's will receive FREE group trainings, coaching, and other resources to empower you reach your school for Jesus.
Group Training
In group training, you will be connected to other students from Ohio for a series of biweekly calls. We offer group training for two types of CM's: (1) Those who want to launch a club. (2) Those who may eventually launch a club but want to first grow in sharing their faith with others.
Responsibilities and Expectations of a CM
Though we know we are all imperfect people doing our best to serve a perfect God, we still want to uphold our core values to reach the lost. Therefore, we expect CM's to commit to the following:

Christ-centered Lifestyle - CM’s are expected to uphold Christian values, including through social media and other online platforms. For this reason, we also require a personal reference form.

Reliable Access to a Phone - Trainings require CM's to have access to a free app, "Zoom." We also confirm calls via text with a student. We strongly encourage students to use their own personal devices.

Training - CM’s are responsible to phone into all group training calls in an environment that is free from distractions.
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I have read the above information and am interested in becoming a CM! *
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