Feedback - Vic & Tas Training Institute 18/19
Please provide your honest feedback so that we can continue to improve and provide an awesome training session next year!
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Friday Night All Star VIC/TAS Trivia
Weekend Goal Board Creation
Improving Self-Awareness with VIA Character Quiz
Club Reflection & Visioning
Club Tools Master Classes (Marketing, Projects, Insurance, IT)
Club Operations, Building Club Culture & Growth
Resolving & Preventing Conflict
Rotaract Australia Information Session
A Better Rotary Relationship
Club Role Master Classes (President, Treasurer, Secretary & Directors)
Saturday Night Social
Talking Rotaract: Communicating Our Brand
Projects: Highly Effective Team Communication
Club Planning Breakouts
District Planning Breakouts
Leading A Sustainable Rotaract Life
Learning Recap
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Could you please write a short statement/testimonial about your experience at Training :) this can be used to help promote training in the future and provide feedback to Rotary clubs about why this is beneficial. *
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