2018 ESYBL Player Survey
Hi Little League Players! Thanks for playing baseball in the Eastern Surburban Youth Baseball League (ESYBL) this summer. We hope you had fun playing baseball and being with your friends. We would like to ask you some questions and hear from you about your season. For each question, select the answer that best describes how you feel about the sentence. Feel free to type in any comments that will help us understand your feelings even better. Thanks for playing and have a great fall and school year!
My coaches and parents talked to me in a way that made me feel confident and helped me learn.
My parents and coaches want me to have fun and not worry about winning.
This year I had fun playing baseball.
I learned some new things about the rules of baseball this season.
Coaches and players from my team and other teams treated me nicely.
It was fun to go to other towns and play on other baseball fields.
The umpires from my town and other towns were fair to me and my team.
I had fun this year, so I would play in the league next year if I could.
What things were really good about baseball this season? Put as many as you want.
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What are things that were not so good about the season? Put as many as you want.
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