EYS 2020(5th Grade) Registration and Concert Agreement
NISD District initiative and co-organized by the non-profit SA POWR

WHAT: Opportunity to connect with your community and young performers using modern day pop and rock music. Songs will be memorized with simple choreography to create a showstopping performance!

May 17, 2020 Rehearsal Walk-thru & Performance and dress rehearsal (everyone together)(students and teachers at NISD Sports Gym). Specific timeline and placement maps for each school will be sent early spring.

SAPOWR Electrify Your Strings 2020 Concert Agreement:

Due to financial and business decisions for this event. we ask that student participant numbers you register be locked in as of January 31, 2020.

POSTPONEMENT by SAPOWR: If for some reason SAPOWR must postpone the EYS concert due to unforeseeable circumstances, the terms and conditions of this contract still apply.

The Director must make all cancellations and changes to the number of attendees in writing, and the changes must be signed by said Director (email)
A. Changes to DECREASE number of participants: should be made prior to January 31, 2020.
B. Cancellations of the whole school: must be made prior to February 27th.
C. Changes to INCREASE the number of participants IF space is available, should be requested no later than February 27th.

Note: No changes will be considered until written notification is received, by the aforementioned timeline above, via email to sapowr1@gmail.com.

Once this completed form is received, you will receive an electronic confirmation from SA POWR. Tracks and music will be available early spring sesmester (Jan/Feb) and sent via email.

Tshirts: A T-shirt order form will be sent to you separately from your registration.

The SA POWR Board and Creative Directors will be at your disposal during the EYS process to answer questions, offer insight, and help in any way possible. Looking forward to ROCKING with you all!!!!
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