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As you may know, our ability to provide financial assistance is limited. Participants are expected to look for funding from other sources as well as applying to the IASFM. In general, priority will be given to graduate students, emerging scholars and individuals from the Global South who demonstrate financial need. Topic-specific funding may be available from particular funders, in which case the criteria of those funders will be applied.

If you have any questions concerning the funding request and consideration process, please email
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Please indicate whether you have already submitted an abstract to present at IASFM 18 and/or whether you are aware if it has been accepted or rejected.
If you have submitted an abstract, please copy and paste the abstract below (along with the title of your paper).
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Please provide a summary of your experience and background with respect to your proposed abstract and your participation in IASFM 18. Please also indicate if you are presently a post-graduate student.
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