New Hanover County Schools, NC Elementary/Middle School Redistricting: Committee Member Application
The New Hanover County School District (district) is beginning the redistricting process for elementary and middle schools to realign school attendance zones. We are seeking one parent and one community member to serve on the redistricting committee, and the following application will be used to help select the desired members.

The project is expected to run from July 2019 through December 2019. This committee will be charged with developing a redistricting recommendation to include the following:

• Populate the new Porters Neck Elementary School, opening for the 2020-21 school year;
• Account for increased building capacity with replacement of Blair and College Park Elementary Schools;
• Efficiently utilize all available space and plan for future growth within the County;
• Establish new attendance zones in accordance with the Guiding Principles established by the Board of Education.

The redistricting study is being managed by a national K-12 consultant, Cropper GIS Consulting (Cropper), who will facilitate the process of working with a committee and public to explore redistricting options. This committee will focus on providing a redistricting recommendation for the district’s elementary and middle schools. Although all efforts will be made to minimize the number of students moved while accomplishing the objectives, it is important to understand that any community could be impacted in terms of elementary and/or middle school assignment.

Beginning in July 2019, committee members will be required to attend at least one (1) meeting per month through November 2019. Meetings will last two (2) hours and will begin at approximately 3:30 pm. Committee members will be expected to review materials and information about the schools in between meetings, assist in facilitating public information sessions, and present information to the School Board.

Committee members must be able to set aside personal interests and focus on what is best for ALL student in the district.

Interested candidates should complete the application no later than June 14th, 2019. Applications will be reviewed by the redistricting study consultant, who will work with the district to determine the best candidates to serve on the committee.

Please use the online form on the New Hanover County Schools’ website to complete your application.

Applicants who are selected for the committee will be notified by mail and/or email.

Applications are due by June 14, 2019

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