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Please fill in this survey ASAP. We will use the information to help with our planning.
2020 Nationals Survey
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If you intend to compete at Nationals, how many group routines will you try to qualify? *
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If you intend to compete at Nationals, how many team shows will you try to qualify? *
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Do you plan on having your Athletes attend the Athlete Camp on Monday 15th, 2020 afternoon/evening? *
It will likely be after 6pm
How many of your Senior Athletes would be interested in being a Workshop Instructor on Monday 15th afternoon/evening? Note: they may be teaching community members in Kamloops (please list names if applicable)
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What sizes do the majority of your Athletes wear? Note: this information will help us in choosing the amount of sizes to order for merchandise *
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Do you feel that a formal athlete social is important to schedule?
If the majority thinks no, we will still look at less formal opportunities throught the weekend to encourage athletes to socialize..
Is there anything else you would like the Nationals Planning Committee to know? *
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