Donation Criteria and Requests
Thank you for considering Two22 to be a part of your important cause! To help us fulfill requests for donations, sponsorships, & our Charity of the Month program, we kindly ask that applications be completed online and submitted at least 30 days prior to the event date.
Please note that all requests cannot be accommodated; however, we will consider every request that fits within our guidelines. If your request is fulfilled, you will receive confirmation and instructions for pickup via email.
Donation Criteria
Organization’s focus is aligned with Two22's core values and/or the Schuster Family Foundation's Mission Statement
Event/organization is located within 15 miles of Two22's location.
Event reaches large local audience and serves the greater good.
Organization’s focus is one of the following categories:
- Education
- Whole Person Well-Being
- Environment
- Military

In order to maintain focus, Two22 does not provide charitable donations to:
- Individuals
- Political Parties or Advocacy Groups
- Religious Groups
- Third Parties Raising Funds for Charity

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Tax Exempt ID
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Event Name
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Event Date (30 day advance notice necessary for consideration)
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Select a donation type that would best serve your organization's needs.
If you selected Sponsorship of Event please briefly describe the sponsorship.
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If you selected Charity of the Month recipient please describe an event that your organization would help organize at the brewery during your month to promote awareness about your organization.
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