Fierce360 - Unite & Ignite #uniteignite2022
Welcome firebreathing Dragon!
- Fierce360: friendship, festival, fire & fun!

* Friendship!
- Meet firebreathers from all over the world. The dream? From 11 nations in 2017 grow to 22 nations in 2022!

* Festival!
- Renaissance festival included with 3 day of music, medieval, fantasy, steampunk and other genres.
- Nature, open water.
- Foodstore in walking distance.
- Free camping on the festival for 120 dragons.
- Campings and bungalows in the area up to 85 euro from friday till monday.

* Fire!
- Firepit - Total of 4 nights! Most likely 3th weekend of August '22.
-  3+ Guinness worldrecord attempts:
- 360 firebreathing dragons, simultaneous firebreathing.
- Longest duration full fireburn ending with firebreathing.
- Attempt fastest 100 meter run while on fire.
- Fire photoshoots, many fire shoots.

* Fun!
We enjoy the festival Middeleeuws Winschoten with music, entertainment, photoshoots and reenactment beside good food and drinks all included in the current pricing concept.

- Behind Fierce360 is Vuurgilde - Passie voor Vuur! (FireGuild - Passion for Fire) has 7 years of experience on this venue. We gather every year with up to 100 firebreaters and create shows, workshops, have fun and relax.
- The venue has a never ending cycle of fun, fire, friendship with international guests from Australia, USA and other corners of the world from all kind of music, steampunk and fire communities.
- Fierce360 festival entrance for 3 days is 49 euro for firebreathers.
- 1 in 3 free camping.

* Join? Free Pre Sign-Up now!
- Everybody can sign up. We will grant you access and send you e-mails with updates about the progress. We have a level up system!

- Level 1: Everybody can free Pre Sign-up untill October 2021 to get your share of co creation, information and updates through Discord & other engaging online tools.

- Level 2: We hit 360+ participators.
- Level 3: Dutch firebreathers pay 49 euro unlocks next level.
- Level 4: European firebreathers pay 49 euro.
- Level 5: Dutch firebreathers pay 50 euro deposit.* & Dutch limited 1 day tickets for saterday 35 euro open up.
- Level 6: International guest can join and pay 49 euro, book your flights!
- Level 7: European firebreathers pay 50 euro deposit.
- Level 8: International guest pay 50 euro deposit.
- Level 9: 40 Reserve spots pay 99 euro.
- Level 10: 360 firebreathers and 40 reserve dragons all signed up and paid!

* Deposit? Yes, is personal on the festival returned in 50 euro tokens you get back on site to buy food, drinks, merchandise, fuel and other services or exchange back to cash. (And to ensure the Dutch do show up.)

Interested? Join the dragon family for Fierce360 of 2022! Unite & Ignite! Fill in this form:

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Fierce360 - compliancy
European and Dutch laws apply on this form and all the nonsense we are now required to state. By giving your information will we store your personal data in the cloud through Google, Nimble, Gmail,, Mailchip and integrated into use for connection through Slack, Trelle, WhatsApp, Signal, Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and we will publish your name on the website of Fierce360, T-shirts and other materials like banners to get all the names of the dragon family together.

When you join Fierce360 and Middeleeuws Winschoten your portrait can be recorded by video and also pictures can be taken on sight by photographers and publised on the website of the venue, non profit Fierce360, Vuurgilde or other media outlet of journalist present to report our endavour. If you hate your picture being taken? Please stay at home! ;)

Volunteers of Fierce360 especially the 'Welcome Dragon crew', communication and facility crew get access to your name, phone, e-mail and connect since they will be able to communicate and interact with you by direct communication style to help you get all the information in your own language.

You can always sign out by returning your e-mail back to the sender or asking it in any channel. Last but not least, have fun! Unite & Ignite and till soon at Middeleeuws Winschoten to be Fierce together, 360 dragons strong at least.

For all who have attended in 2017, welcome back! For all who are new, we are looking forward to welcome you!

Thomas Meijwaard
Fierce360 - Unite & Ignite.

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