2019 Shodan Shiken Registration
This is the registration form for the 2019 Shodan Shiken Seminar in Denton, Tx.

March 22-24, 2019

This event is by Invitation only.

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Testing Fees:
You have the option to pay your testing fees in either Japanese Yen or US Dollars. The US Dollar amount is slightly higher than the Japanese amount due to the possibility of exchange rate fluctuations. Most people just pay the USD amount, but you do have the option.

Please see the chart below to determine the cost associated with the rank you are testing for:

Rank Total JPY Total USD
Shodan ¥5,000 $50.00
Nidan ¥5,500 $55.00
Sandan ¥7,000 $70.00
Yondan ¥8,500 $85.00
Godan ¥10,000 $100.00
Rokudan ¥21,000 $210.00
Renshi ¥29,000 $295.00
Nanadan ¥38,000 $385.00
Kyoshi ¥46,000 $465.00
Hachidan ¥56,000 $570.00

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Waiver: I will not hold the organizers of the 2019 Shodan Shiken responsible for any injury to self or damage to property. I further release the ownership of The Dojo, it's representatives , and the Lone Star Indoor Sports Center from liabilty due to accident or injury *
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