KOF XIV EVO Side Tournament
Event Timing: July 16th, 2016, 2:00pm - 4:00pm (up to Top 8), Top 8 schedule tentative.
Location: Atlus Booth at EVO2016
Tournament cap: 64
Platform: PlayStation 4
Build: Latest
Game settings: Team VS, 60 seconds, no handicaps
All matches are best 2 out of 3 games
Winner's Finals, Loser's Finals, and Grand Finals are best 3 out of 5 games
Winner must keep same team, Loser can switch teams
For additional information regarding rules, please visit http://evo.shoryuken.com/player-guide/
Players are responsible for their own scheduling
Please be wary of conflicts with other tournaments you may have entered
Signing up does not guarantee you a spot in the tournament! There is a cap to the tournament and we are expecting more registrants than openings. You will receive an additional email from us notifying you if you are registered in the tournament or not.
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I do hereby agree to follow all rules of the tournament. I also do hereby confirm the consent heretofore given you with respect to your photographing me or my child in connection with the Evo tournament event, and I hereby grant to you, your successor, assigns and licensees the perpetual right to use, as you may desire, all motion pictures and sound track recordings which you may make of me or my child, and the right to use my name and/or child's name or likeness in or in connection with the exhibition or any other use of such video or recording.
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Right to Use Your Work and Information About You. By participating, you: represent and warrant that your entry does not violate any copyright, trademark, publicity right, privacy right or any other right of any third party. The rights granted under this paragraph shall extend to ATLUS and its indirect and direct parent companies and their respective affiliated companies with respect to all entries and all other submitted materials related to the contest/promotion, including those submitted by non-winners and winners. By entering, you grant to ATLUS, its parent and affiliated companies the right, except where prohibited by law, to use your name, likeness, picture, and voice for advertising and promotional purposes in promoting or publicizing ATLUS, its products or services, without compensation unless required by law. You shall have no right of approval, no claim to compensation, and no claim (including, without limitation, claims based on invasion of privacy, defamation, or right of publicity) arising out of any use, blurring, alteration, or use in composite form of your name, picture, or likeness. The rights granted under this paragraph shall extend to ATLUS, its parent, and affiliated companies with respect to all entrants in the contest/promotion, including non-winners and winners. ATLUS, however, does not have any obligation to use the winning or non-winning entries for any purpose. Release of Liability and Issues of Law. By participating in the contest, all entrants release ATLUS and its indirect and direct parent companies and their respective affiliates, partners, subsidiaries, officers, directors, agents, employees and all entities associated with the development and execution of this contest from any and all liability with respect to and in any way arising from (i) participating in this contest, or (ii) acceptance or use of prizes. ATLUS reserves the right to modify or cancel the contest at any time for any reason.
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