Battlerite - Rocket Balloon Brawl Survey
Rocket Balloon Brawl is a temporary game mode that was first available between June 27th and July 3rd 2017. It will continue to be available between Friday and Monday every weekend during the the summer.

Please note, if we add Brawls in the future there will most likely be a possibility to host private games tied to them.

More information on Rocket Balloon Brawl:
Dev Blog:

Do you own the Battlerite Early Access Package? *
As in, did you have all Champions available when you got the game or have you since bought the Founders package to unlock all Champions?
Have you played Rocket Balloon Brawl? *
How many games of Rocket Balloon Brawl have you played? *
What are your thoughts on the availability of Rocket Balloon Brawl? *
Rocket Ballon Brawl was available from Tuesday June 27th to Monday July 3rd, and will be available from Friday to Monday every weekend during the summer
What is your impression of Rocket Balloon Brawl? *
Would you like to see additional Brawls in Battlerite in the future? *
Like Rocket Balloon Brawl & Bakko's Egg Brawl, with "Brawl" we mean a temporary, more casual game mode that switches up how Battlerite is played in some way.
Other comments and feedback on Rocket Balloon Brawl, or Brawls in general?
We'd love to hear what you have to say!
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