Brainbuffet Design Challenge 001
Hi Everyone! Here is where you get to upload your goodies for the kids. If it's easier to email us a zip file, you can do that also at

This is our first contest ever, so we're new at this- we apologize in advance for any glitches- It's been a rough month or two here at BBWHQ!

TEACHERS ONLY CAN SUBMIT ENTRIES FOR THEIR STUDENTS! Sorry kids, it's a legal thing until we can figure out the rules for sure.

Email address *
Please upload a ZIP FILE with all the student work. All files from a student should have the same name as shared in the newsletter. *
I've got some gently used tech and brainbuffet swag to get rid of. Would it be cool if I gave some away to kids/schools as prizes or is that cheesy? *
Did your students also upload anything to Instagram or Twitter? Use the #BBDC001 #CreateEDU #ForTheKids hashtags, and tag us in their posts @brainbuffet. Extra credit for those entries if there's a tie! *
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