COVID-19 in Nazareth, Pennsylvania
Since the inception of the Memorial Library of Nazareth & Vicinity (MLNV) in 1951, the
library has been a repository of stories about the people and events that created the
town of Nazareth. Now, as Nazareth and the rest of the world are facing the challenges
of the COVID-19 virus, we want to preserve the stories of how our lives are being
disrupted and transformed by the virus. To that end, we ask for your help in chronicling
our collective pandemic experiences.

If you are documenting life during the current situation through photographs, written
records, audio recordings, videos, or other methods, please share your story with us.
We would love to hear about acts of kindness you are seeing in your neighborhood, our
medical worker heroes in action, and small business owners helping to meet the needs
of the community. We also want to hear about overcoming social isolation, the trials and
tribulations of grocery shopping, and the experiences of our children learning online.

No story is too trivial or mundane. We welcome your help in documenting this unique
time in history. By sharing your stories, you will help the MLNV fulfill our mission of
recording history and enlightening future generations.

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