Maze Learning and Reading Ability Volunteer Informed Consent Form
Name of Project: Maze Learning and Reading Ability
Name of Principal Investigator: Lisa Gabel, Ph.D
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Description of the study
You are being asked to volunteer for a research study.  Maze learning has been used as a measure of spatial intelligence for approximately 100 years.  We have developed a virtual maze to examine the differences in maze learning in adults and children.  Studies with elementary school children suggest maze learning strategies parallel strategies used by children when learning complex tasks, such as reading.  If your child agrees to participate in this study, they will be asked to complete six trials of a series of six mazes.  A trial will be considered complete upon locating a small red ball located within the maze.  In addition, we will perform a few reading measures to assess your child’s current reading level.  Lastly, we ask that you complete a brief survey about your child, a reading history questionnaire about your experience with reading, and a parent survey to learn more about your family. Your child is being asked to take part in this research study as a volunteer. Children enrolled in either kindergarten or second grade are eligible to participate in this study. If your child is in second grade, and they previously participated while enrolled in kindergarten, they are still eligible to participate in this study.  Your child, the participant, may drop out of the study at any time. This study is experimental and there are no direct benefits to participants. This research is directed to look at the applicable nature of virtual mazes in developing new teaching strategies for acquisition of reading and language skills.  Information gathered in this study will be kept confidential and used only for research purposes. The study will be conducted via a web conference (i.e. Zoom or Google Meet), at your convenience. Dr. Lisa Gabel will work with you to schedule a time that is convenient for your family via the email address, or cell phone number provided below.
This study is expected to involve no more than minimal risk associated with playing a maze game, performing reading tasks, or completing surveys.  Your child may become bored, tired or frustrated during the study. Information gathered in this study will be kept confidential and used only for research purposes. Completion of the surveys may result in becoming bored, tired, or frustrated during completion.  The results of this study may be published. Your name and other answers that might identify you will not appear in any article or discussion of the study results. You are not likely to get any direct benefit from being in this study.  Your participation in the study could help science and society by advancing scientific knowledge.
Once your child completes the maze and reading tasks you will be sent a link to the adult reading history questionnaire and parent questionnaire to the email address you provide below.  Upon completion of the questionnaires you will be sent an Amazon e-gift card for $20 to the email address you provide below.  Other than your time, there is no cost to you for being in this study. If you have any questions at any time about your child’s participation or the study itself, please contact Lisa Gabel at 610-330- 5296 or via email ( If you have questions about your rights as a research participant, e-mail the Chair of the Lafayette IRB at  

Statement of Rights
You have rights as a research volunteer. Your being in this study is completely voluntary. You do not have to be in this study. You may stop taking part in this study for any reason at any time and with no penalty. If you wish, you may have a copy of this form to keep.  You do not waive any of your legal rights by signing this form.
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