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12:30pm Seminar Descriptions

SEMINAR ROOM 1 - CPD Construction Products

In this seminar, Charles Bosworth, Manager - Specifications and Product Training,
will cover CPD materials for the mining sector such as vertical & overhead repair, fast-setting/high strength concrete repair, concrete topping as well as epoxy and cement grouts

SEMINAR ROOM 2 - Terrafix Geosynthetics

MSE Walls & Slopes Technical Presentation:
David Fuerth, President Terrafix Geosynthetics
terrafix® provides a number of complete, cost-effective slope and retaining wall solutions. TerraSlope® Retained Soil System provides an economic and natural solution for steep slope applications. Each component of the TerraSlope system is designed to work together to provide the best in economy and long term performance. TerraSteep® Slope Systems incorporates wire forms to allow for construction of angles greater than 45 degrees, up to vertical. TerraFort® (Non-Corrodible Reinforcement) gets its strength from Uniaxial HDPE Geogrids. These geogrid layers work to stabilize the backfill material and create a reinforced mass of granular soil. TerraFirm® Anchoring Systems offers a unique mechanical stabilization solution for many steep slope challenges.

SEMINAR ROOM 3 - Dupont Performance (Dow) Building Solutions.

This presentation is AIA accredited
Brian Baird – Senior Account manager
Topic Title: Don’t lose Your R Over the Z” – Cladding attachment strategies over continuous insulation
This presentation examines the 4 control layer functions of commercial exterior walls (Moisture/Thermal/Air/Vapour) and strategies to achieve these functions with the current codes requirements for continuous insulation in commercial cavity wall assemblies.

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CPD Construction Products
Terrafix Geosynthetics
Dupont Performance (Dow) Building Solutions
12:30pm Seminar
1:30pm Seminar Descriptions

SEMINAR ROOM 1 - Simpson Strong-Tie

Mechanical Anchorage to Concrete
Simpson Strong-Tie mechanical anchors are designed to install easily and securely into a variety of base materials, including concrete, brick, as well as grouted and hollow CMU. For applications where there is a risk of concrete cracking, specific anchors have been designed and tested to offer reliability under these conditions. Specifiers and contractors trust Simpson Strong-Tie anchors for optimum performance under the most demanding structural applications.

SEMINAR ROOM 2 - Multiurethanes

Our presentation provides information and guidance for the selection of grouting materials, equipment, and methods that can be utilized in chemical grouting and cement grouting in connection with construction projects. With emphasis placed on the unique characteristics of Multiurethanes chemical & cement grouts that benefit underground mining, tunnel construction, deep excavations, underground utilities, sewers & manhole, hydraulic structures, among others. Uses of conventional Portland-cement based grouts and Microfine-cement grouts are covered in our presentation.

SEMINAR ROOM 3 - Dryvit Systems Canada

Dryvit’s presentation will provide in-depth information on the following:
1. Dryvit History and RPM
2. EIFS System & Detailing
3. CCMC & Code Compliance
4. Thermal Bridging
5. EIFS’s Carbon Footprint
6. OBC SB-10 Requirements for EIFS
7. EIFS Value Proposition
8. New Provincial Code Requirements
9. Specialty Finishes including New Brick
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Simpson Strong-Tie
Dryvit Systems Canada 2
1:30pm Seminar
2:30pm Seminar Descriptions

SEMINAR ROOM 1 - Plasti-Fab

EPS & GPS - Rigid Insulation Solution
There are some significant changes in how rigid foam insulation is measured, how the Code requirements have increased the importance of effective thermal performance and increased environmental impact. Plasti-Fab with 50 years in building insulation, will present regarding these changes for Contractors, Designers and Owners, the needs of building, and how rigid EPS insulation meets those needs.

SEMINAR ROOM 2 - Stego Industries

After attending the session, attendees will know how to design a system to help prevent moisture related problems like: floor covering failures, mold issues, concrete drying concerns, and more. Attendees will learn about the most recent standards and industry-expert recommendations in the Vapor Barrier industry, including ASTM standards, ACI recommendations and contributions to sustainable construction. Additionally, attendees will know and be able to explain the difference between a Vapor Retarder and a Vapor Barrier and know how to specify each.

SEMINAR ROOM 3 - Titan Environmental Concrete Canvas

Concrete Canvas® is part of a revolutionary new class of construction materials called Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats (GCCMs). It is a flexible, concrete filled geosynthetic that hardens on hydration to form a thin, durable, water proof and fire-resistant concrete layer. Essentially, it’s concrete on a roll and is widely used in the civil, petrochem and mining sectors.
The material is widely used for erosion control and containment applications including channel lining, slope protection, bund lining, concrete remediation and weed suppression.
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Stego Industries
Titan Environmental Concrete Canvas
2:30pm Seminar
3:30pm Seminar Descriptions

SEMINAR ROOM 1 - Henry Company

This presentation is OAA & OBEC certified
Air & Water Barriers:
How to Specify, Detail, Construct and Inspect for Success

SEMINAR ROOM 2 - ADA Solutions

ADA Solutions, LLC will be presenting the current Accessibility Code Requirements for the Built Environment while reviewing the full line of Tactile Walking Surface Indicator and other Life Safety products that meet the current Accessibility Code requirements. We will cover ISO 23599, CSA B651-19 the AODA legislation, Ontario Building Code and the National Building Code. A Compliance Guide that sums up the Accessibility Code and tactile booklet will be provided during the presentation.

SEMINAR ROOM 3 - Terrafix Geosynthetics

Geogrid Technical Presentation: Isabel Perez, Product Manager Terrafix Geosynthetics
Title: Project Profiles Using Geogrids
Case Study: Amazon Distribution Center ABSTRACT: A discussion on the use of multiple innovative technologies to increase Subgrade Bearing Capacity and achieve Mechanical Stabilization of Aggregate layer in a heavy duty application is presented. Using an example from Amazon Distribution Center in Ottawa, CA, the paper demonstrates the use of mechanical stabilization in an aggregate base layer using a Triax geogrid, the means of incorporation into AASHTO design methodology, and how this technology can enable the use of recycled materials in lieu of virgin raw materials. The subject project reduced the required thickness of subbase and base layers in the aggregate base layer, which saved raw materials, site preparation effort, carbon emissions, construction impacts on the surrounding community, construction time, and cost. This approach is broadly applicable to both flexible and rigid pavement designs. The paper discusses appropriate guidelines for ensuring that enhanced designs are reliable and compliant with AASHTO methodology, and the need for performance validation to ensure that expected design life is achieved.

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Henry Company
ADA Solutions
Terrafix Geosynthetics
3:30pm Seminar
4:30pm Seminar Descriptions

SEMINAR ROOM 1 - Simpson Strong-Tie

Made-in-Place Pile Repair & Protection System, Composite Strengthening Systems and Fabric-Reinforced Cementitious Matrix (FRCM) Simpson Strong-Tie’s Made-in-Place Pile Repair & Protection System eliminates the need to dewater the site or build cofferdams, providing a cost-effective, practical and long-term solution. Our Composite Strengthening Systems provide efficient solutions for the structural reinforcement & strengthening of concrete, masonry & timber structures in need of repair or upgrade. Our Fabric-Reinforced Cementitious Matrix (FRCM) repairs, protects, & strengthens aging, damaged or overloaded concrete & masonry structures in one application while significantly reducing your installed cost.
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Simpson Strong-Tie
4:30pm Seminar
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