Volunteer Form - Making Connections
We are here to connect! Many of us will have challenges in light of the need for social distancing/isolation for the foreseeable future. This is going to affect all of us, of all ages, from kids to seniors, and might particularly affect people who were already challenged in their activities of daily living. We want each one of us to know they are not alone and that their congregational community cares about and is here for them. Let's increase our virtual connection while maintaining social distance.

Please fill out this form if you are able to or want make connections with fellow congregants across the distance. Connections can include making calls weekly, playing online games (like Words with Friends), offering technological support, and more. If you're able to offer errand help, please fill out our separate form - https://www.peninsulasinai.org/errandhelp

If you have questions, please email hesed@peninsulasinai.org.

And thank you so much for being willing to help at this time.
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I would like someone to connect with me in the following ways (please note: we have a separate Errand Running form if you are looking for help getting groceries or prescriptions picked up: https://www.peninsulasinai.org/errandhelp )
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