Washington County School District Parent Feedback
1. Were you offered a copy of the procedural safeguards (parent rights)? *
2. Were the procedural safeguards explained to you so you understood them? *
3. Did at least one of your student’s general education teachers stay for the entire IEP meeting? *
4. Did at least one of your student’s general education teachers participate in the IEP meeting? *
5. Did the principal or his/her representative (local education agency, or LEA) stay for the entire IEP meeting? *
6. Did the LEA participate in the IEP meeting? *
7. What input were you able to provide during your student’s evaluation or re-evaluation for special education? *
8. Was your student’s IEP meeting scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time? *
9. Did the team ask for and use your input on goals for your student’s IEP? *
10. What does your school do to ensure that you understand the evaluation and IEP process? *
11. Does the staff in the general education classroom consistently provide the accommodations and modifications written in your student’s IEP? *
12. Do you know if your student is getting all services and for the amount of time listed on the IEP? *
13. What information is being shared with you regarding your student’s progress toward their IEP goals, and how is it being shared? *
14. Do you know who to contact on your child’s team if you have questions or concerns? *
15. How does your school welcome and engage families? In what ways are you connecting with the school? If you are not, what is holding you back? *
16. If your student is 3-5 years old, tell us about your preschool experience.
17. If your student is 14 years or older, what transition services were discussed during the IEP meeting?
18. If your student is 14 years or older, do you understand graduation requirements and options?
19. Suggest any area of improvement for the special education program in your school. *
20. What are the strengths of your student’s special education program? *
21. Do you have any other questions or issues you would like to discuss regarding your student’s special education experience at this school?
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