Strange Experience Survey
In my work, I describe a number of ‘strange experience’ cases, cases in which part of the overall phenomenology of some subject is functionally isolated from the other mental states of that subject. Here’s an example: suppose that you enjoy bat sonar experiences but are unable to ‘access’ them, reflect on them, intentionally act on them, or otherwise discover that you have them.

When I present such cases and ask whether they are conceivable, I get replies on both sides of the issue, with people from each side not understanding why anyone would go for the other side. To help me figure out what to say here, and to help me get a better grip on the state of play, I created this simple survey.
Are strange experiences conceivable: yes or no? *
See the cases described in Sections 1 and 3 of my "Strange Experience" paper for more details.
Care to elaborate on your answer?
Even just a sentence or two indicating which feature of the case is motivating your choice would be very helpful. Sign with your name if you want. (Note that these will be publicly viewable in the survey results.)
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BONUS: Are philosophical zombies (functional duplicates lacking phenomenology) conceivable?: yes or no?
I'm interested to see how these two conceivability questions may/may not be correlated.
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