Guelph Curling Club Events and Hospitality Survey
Hi all!
Now's your chance to tell us how you think we are doing and give us some suggestions to improve. This is also your chance to become more involved in the club!
What is your age group? *
How many days per week are you at the GCC? *
How often do you eat at the club? *
How would you rate the quality of the food at the GCC? *
What are your thoughts on portion size? *
Too small.
I can't usually finish!
How would you rate the speed of service (food only)? *
Please give us some context regarding questions 2-5 (especially if you scored 3 or less).
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How would you rate the friendliness of GCC hospitality staff? (Including bartenders and kitchen staff.) *
Prickly Pickle
Sweet as a Georgia Peach
Please give some context regarding staff interactions (especially if you scored 3 or less). *Note: if you don't feel comfortable providing information about this through a survey please don't hesitate to contact the club Manager or a board member.
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How would you rate the club atmosphere? *
I don't feel like I belong.
My first choice to hang-out, grab a pint, and have some food!
Give us a few pointers on how we could improve the club atmosphere.
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