Tinkering EU2: Teacher Application Form (Multiplier Events)
Teacher sign-up form: Apply for a free Tinkering workshop in Science Gallery Dublin for your class. We can accommodate a maximum of 30 students per workshop, accompanied by their science teacher. This is open to 5th/6th class (primary) and 1st/2nd/3rd year (secondary). Fill out the below application and we will confirm via email to follow up about your class size and your preferred workshop, and to find a slot.

We are currently offering:
- Marble Runs: engineer a structure to run a marble around a peg board in teams
- Doodle Bots: build a motorised robot that moves across a page to create designs
- Light Play: Storytelling workshop - create a narrative using LEDs/silhouettes. (This can be built into a novel your class is already working on to link with what you're already doing)

Please address any queries to education@dublin.sciencegallery.com with the subject line "Tinkering Workshops". Please note that Science Gallery Dublin is not in a position to cover travel or catering costs for schools to attend these free workshops - transport and catering must be organised independently.
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