Summit Journey Assessment
Summit Journey is about growing to be more like Jesus by asking, “How am I planning to intentionally become more like Jesus this year?”

One of the four follow-up questions to the key question above is “Where?” “Where do I need to grow in my walk with God?” This is an invitation to Deliberate Reflection.

This assessment is designed to help you as you reflect on your life, and think through which area of life you would like to focus on and grow in this year. IT IS NOT A TEST. It is an opportunity to get an honest snapshot of your life right now, so that you can prayerfully and thoughtfully look at your life and decide where you would like to grow.

Each question has a scale of six options (so it’s impossible to be completely neutral), ranging from “Almost Never” to “Almost Always.” Don’t take too long to answer each question – simply mark down your instinctive response and move on to the next question.
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